“I like seeing the wildlife every day. I like the view from our house.” Amy Speer, Resident


Verne Lundquist, Sports Broadcaster –

“To me, the Yampa Valley Curse is simply a spirit or magnet that says to you and your soul, you will live here, you will find a way to make Steamboat Springs and the Yampa Valley your home.”


Bob Sathe, second homeowner –

“Steamboat Springs has been an investment in real estate for us but more importantly it’s been an investment in our family.  We have 4 older children and it was very important for us that our kids were interested in where we wanted to build a 2nd home because this was for our family as well as ourselves.”


Moose Barrows – Olympic Skier –

“Sink your roots and build a family.  Take advantage of the great economic and cultural possibilities that we have here in this little paradise in Northwest Colorado.”