“This land is what it’s always been. It will always be this way.”

The Design Guidelines governing the construction of homes at Alpine Mountain Ranch & Club have been created to provide direction to owners and their architects, establish thresholds for design quality, specification of materials and colors, and to promote sensitivity to each site’s natural features and neighboring properties. The guidelines are administered by the Design Review Board comprised of members of the homeowner association Board of Directors or their appointees.

A design review process has been established to provide checkpoints throughout the design and development phases so that time and money are not wasted on design and plans that do not adhere to the Design Guidelines. Owners must engage qualified planning and design professionals to ensure a thorough analysis of the building site and to effectively communicate the concept and specific design of the residence to the Design Review Board.

The predominant architectural style can be termed “Colorado Regional” and is inspired by the historic ranch and lodge homes of the American West. These homes were constructed of a limited number of readily available materials such as wood siding, timbers, logs and stone.

Owners of more secluded lots will have the option to build homes in a style characterized as “Mountain Contemporary.” Many of the design concepts of the Colorado Regional style will apply to Mountain Contemporary homes. However, these designs will use traditional materials to create a home that has modern design elements but is tied to the past.

The Design Guidelines are not intended to require that all residences are identical in design, color and materials. Rather, the intent is to stimulate a rich and diverse variety of creative architectural expressions drawn from a common palette of materials and colors.
Building Envelopes

To ensure the preservation of the native forests, meadows and wetlands for the enjoyment of all residents, a “Building Envelope” has been established for each lot within which all development activity must take place. The natural features of each site must be incorporated into the site design including existing terrain, vegetation, solar orientation and views. Site grading must minimize disruption to the natural features. Each building envelope is accessed by a single driveway.

Each lot is allowed one primary residence with a minimum size of 4,500 square feet. Maximum square footage varies from lot to lot with the maximum ranging from 9,000 to 12,500 square feet. Maximum building height also varies from lot to lot with a range of 28 – 35 feet. A total of 37 Owners may include a Secondary Dwelling Unit within their residence according to an allocation formula.

Landscape design will address two distinct areas of the lot, the Building Envelope and the Native Landscape area. Landscaping around the home should define outdoor spaces, frame views, provide shade and add color and interest. The Native Landscape area, which is within the lot but outside the Building Envelope, is intended to maintain the existing native vegetation, and introduced landscape materials must maintain a natural appearance.

Water is supplied by a community water system. Water conservation is a required design element, while “green building” techniques and energy conservation are encouraged. Sewage disposal will be by means of individual septic systems, and, if gas service is desired, propane storage tanks must be buried. Electric service is provided by Yampa Valley Electric Association and telephone service by Qwest Communications. An individual satellite dish will provide television reception.
Wildlife Mitigation Plan

Alpine Mountain Ranch & Club is governed by a Wildlife Mitigation Plan approved by the Colorado Division of Wildlife governing such matters as native landscaping, fencing, pet control, nuisance wildlife and certain use restrictions. This document is available from the Design Review Board.

The design review process is independent of and precedes the plan review process required by Routt County for obtaining a building permit. Following design approval, each Owner is responsible for adherence to the County’s zoning and building codes.